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Tanya , Almost there! Nov, 23 2016

SoftBank invests $5 million in Housing: Has SoftBank learnt nothing!

Well it seems Housing has done something that will go down in history books. The concept failed, the founders left, there is no revenue, they burnt money on worthless things and yet again, they raise 5M$

What am i not getting, what is terribly wrong with SoftBank?

Alok Mittal , Entrepreneur, Angel Investor. Passionate abou Nov, 24 2016

Might be a bridge to sale/merge. who knows

aarth dhar , Nov, 24 2016

In any case the value they can recover is going to be tooooo less as compared to what they invested.
I believe its mostly carrying on the portfolio thing.

Nikhil Dua , BITS alumnus, Market research analyst at Cred Nov, 23 2016

Its important to understand that housing cannot let all of its investment die till they create any success. So they are trying to postpone the reality and push for something real in between.

Aravinth Srinivasan , Planning to start a startup in agriculture Nov, 23 2016

It would be nice to have someone from Housing to come and answer. Is the new model they have pivoted to really that successful ?