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Shiv Sharma agreed with an opinion onOct, 08 2016

Building a Tibetan Internet Army

Tenzin Dalha had posted

In my personal opinion we didn't lack any heroes and role models to inspire coming Tibetan Generation. His Honliness is the great epitome of role model for us and all sen

Shiv Sharma agreed with a discussionSep, 23 2016

International Seminar | Damming Crisis in Tibet: Threat to Water Security in Asia

Did you know that the very rivers upon which nearly 2 billion Asians depend for survival - Indus, Sutlej, Brahmaputra, Irrawaddy, Salween, Yellow, Yangtze, Mekong - all flow out of the Tibetan Plateau? Our collective water lifelines are under attack by China's fast-paced hydropower projects.
Shiv Sharma agreed with an opinion onSep, 22 2016

Media's role in shaping the Kashmir issue

Khursheed Wani had posted

Media coverage of Kashmir over the past several years, especially in the electronic version, is one of the major reasons for the current unrest. A common perception in K

Shiv Sharma agreed with an opinion onSep, 14 2016

There is a lot that an irreligious person can learn from Islam.

Shehnavaz Ahmed had posted

For a reason Islam is universal, some simple things people can take from Islam to make their lives better:Smiling is a deed of charity. :D Do acts of goodness out of appr

Shiv Sharma agreed with an opinion onSep, 14 2016

Why isn't North Korea's nuclear ambition concerning the world?

Rohit pande had posted

True, but is there anyone who has the leverage to put pressure ?Russia ?Chins ?Is it in Russia's interest to have a rogue state lurking aroundin the chess game of interna

Shiv Sharma agreed with an opinion onSep, 13 2016

Cultural roots of Tibet

Vikram Gupta had posted

Tibetan languages are Sino-Tibetan languages. That is to say, Tibetan languages are siblings to Chinese languages.

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