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Sherkhan started a new discussionOct, 09 2016

Supreme Court vs BCCI.

Is Justice Lodha Committee being too harsh on BCCI or its recommendations are best for the game in long run. Your Take.
Sherkhan agreed with an opinion onMar, 13 2016

Why even after 69 years of independence, we are still divided on the concept of nationalism?

Sonia Motwani had posted

I think a lot of people confuse nationalism with patriortism.Nationalism is the belief that your country is superior. In some cases, nationalism can inspire people to bre

Sherkhan agreed with an opinion onMar, 13 2016

What led to the creation of Vijay Mallya Also Helped Him “Escape”? The Corrupt Eco-System?

The Maker had posted

Can it really be said that Banks 'needed' lessons about NPAs and defaulters of the humongous variety? From the lowly usurer to the richest money lenders, the first thing

Sherkhan agreed with an opinion onMar, 12 2016

Is 3D Printing The Next Industrial Revolution?

Up to an extent because on one hand, this 3D printing technology is taking over and on the other some people still don't know about printer. 3D printing allows to get som

Sherkhan agreed with an opinion onMar, 12 2016

2015- The year India broke its pollution records.

Rajat Jain had posted

It is very clear. We can't blame others for it. It is a severe issue of the world at the moment. According to me, We should go to basics for improving it by spreading Cle

Sherkhan agreed with an opinion onMar, 12 2016

Google’s AI just cracked the game that supposedly no computer could beat. Are we moving closer to era of machine domination day by day?

IamSlimbeast had posted

I would give a very solid yes. We are nearing into the artificial intelligence dominated world. Soon we might face the Terminator type of problem as well just like Stephe

Sherkhan agreed with an opinion onMar, 12 2016

Murthal gangrape: Why did it take so long for the State Administration to react?

Rohitanshu Kar had posted

I believe it is deliberate since there were many powerful Jats people involved. The authorities might have know about the incident as soon as it happened. The story was c

Sherkhan agreed with an opinion onMar, 12 2016

The disconnect between GDP and job growth. One of the most important issue to be addressed by the policy makers. Government has been addressing the issue but is enough done to tackle this humongous problem

Rajat Jain had posted

It all confusing with the common man. I am confused on it. Everybody is looking for employment no matter what GDP growth is. Inflation rate is at its lowest but I am not

Sherkhan agreed with an opinion onMar, 11 2016

Is feminism a misused term or the need of the hour?

'Gender equality'- the meaning of this term has been distorted. It has become the issue of a eternal debate or drawing-room discussion. Same thing has happened with 'fem

Sherkhan disagreed with an opinion onMar, 08 2016

2016 is an amazing time to build, as ecosystem have learnt its mistake and markets are more mature now.

Rohit pande had posted

As always a great time to create. The 1.3 billion people dreaming to leapfrog to a better life and millions of creators and entrepreneurs wishing to challenge status quo.

Sherkhan agreed with an opinion onMar, 08 2016

Siachen at 20,000 Feet, A Battleground For Security And Power. Is it worth risking the lives of our troops?

Nikita Nain had posted

An issue which can be dealt with sensible diplomatic skills and the right attitude has been stretched on for far too long. The costs of lives lost at the glacier are so m

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