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Tenzin Shonu

A Tibetan in exile

Disciple [?]

Tenzin Shonu started a new discussionSep, 16 2016

Exploitation of resources in Tibet will affect India badly in the future. Nationalist Indians should fight for Tibet to protect their own interest.

Supporting Tibet is in India's interest. The Chinese have been building dams over rivers that flow down to India; openly supporting Pakistan and opposing India in international forums.

By bringing Tibet to limelight like Balochistan, India can play a masterstroke.

Tenzin Shonu agreed with an opinion onSep, 16 2016

Digilocker app is similar to every other project this govt. has undertaken. So much hype, product not even useable

Rohit pande had posted

There is nothing wrong in trying and innovating. India needs it badly. The problem might be in celebrating victories even before the battle has begun and using all commu

A person you follow posted a new opinion on Sep, 14 2016

Tibetan Struggle- it's time we become more than just good hosts

Syed Raza had posted

But, how does it work?

Tenzin Shonu A Tibetan in exile

Even I will like to know

Tenzin Shonu agreed with an opinion onSep, 14 2016

"India would be more than half a century late for the global education commitment” reports UNESCO. What exactly went wrong?

Anuja pathi had posted

Setting major problems of funding, education policies and infrastructure I think Indians approach to education is flawed . The very system of memorizing makes education d

Tenzin Shonu agreed with an opinion onSep, 13 2016

Dictatorship failed because of people who came to power not because it is flawed as a concept.

Gautham S had posted

please do try "Why Nations fail" by robinson and acermoglu. They empirically prove why dictatorships are bad. Dictatorships at their best are short term gain for long te

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