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Rohan Acharyya disagreed with an opinion onNov, 09 2016

What to do with increasing addiction to distractions. TV shows..Net surfing..Facebook..WhatsApp.. And alot of attractions

Saunika Mahewari had posted

It need not be a distraction if taken in a positive way.Excessive wastage of time can be controlled and we can actually use these TV shows and internet surfing for our ow

Rohan Acharyya agreed with a discussionNov, 07 2016

'Nothingness' is one of the most enigmatic spiritual concepts challenging the logical human mind.

"Once there was nothing.When the idea of 'something' did not exist.Out of that nothing came the power of imagination.And a universe was born."
A person you follow posted a new opinion on Nov, 03 2016

7bn humans already: Are we too many?

Aditya Singh had posted

This is a very interesting data

Rohan Acharyya Always curious about things.

Numbers can be so magical, right?

A person you follow posted a new opinion on Nov, 03 2016

Spirituality is just a state of mind, it's not real

Aman Rawal had posted

S.N Raman dont act like Rahul Gandhi. Spirituality means connecting to your own spirit, touching life beyond the five senses. It is completely scientific once you experi

Rohan Acharyya Always curious about things.

Spirituality is an experience, yes mind is an enabler, but the experience expands the mind in the process.

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