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Renu Pande started a new discussionOct, 04 2016

can Manish sisodia trigger a revolution by revitalizing gov't schools

Manish sisodia is up to something with his focus on improving outcomes in gov't schools. It's one of the tougher projects of governance as standards have seen a fall for last 50 years even as private schools have mushroomed can he reverse the trend
Renu Pande agreed with an opinion onOct, 04 2016

Is homework counter productive or valuable for kids till 8 years.

Renu Pande had posted

Modern kids are hyper active .They need self discipline and productive engagement Giving moderate amount of home work neither too challenging nor too simple wil

Renu Pande agreed with an opinion onSep, 05 2016

All party delegation at Kashmir: mere formality or can we expect something substantial?

Ashima Singh had posted

Such promotion of an all-party delegation being sent only adds to the notion that the government is just trying to portray a picture, rather than constructively do someth

A person you follow posted a new opinion on Sep, 03 2016

Media's role in shaping the Kashmir issue

Rohit pande had posted

Yes, but is it possible to make a distinction in the media narrative between the disenchantment of the Kashmiri youth ( both real and imagined ) and the Pakistani element

Renu Pande Educationist

The reality is crushed under the loud noises made by the media. When we consider Kashmir as integral part of India their grief is our grief.Media should not take so called nationalist view where innocent people are killed everyday.

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