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Plato agreed with an opinion onAug, 08 2016

Year on Year the Earth overshoot day is coming in August and its a matter of shame!

Sunaina had posted

We need to focus on local systems for agriculture, employment, community and move away from city commute and supermarket living. We must reintroduce concept of local comm

Plato agreed with an opinion onAug, 05 2016

Despite Bommai judgment the misuse of Article 356 is taking place, the Judiciary can and should stop its misuse

Mayank had posted

Until the Bommai judgement(1994), there was a rampant abuse of power of Union govt over state govt through the article 356 which stipulates Presidents rule. It was in thi

Plato disagreed with an opinion onAug, 04 2016

Bring on the next bubble! Bubbles have usually been more empowerment for more people

Alice had posted

Before 1999 and irrational exuberance how many ordinary consumers were aware of financial bubbles as a phenomenon? Now everyone knows about cyclical greed and fear, and i

Plato agreed with an opinion onAug, 02 2016

India is Neglecting the Indian Workers in West Asian Countries

Akshita Sharma had posted

It would not be unjust to say that the current situation of Indian migrants in many of the West Asian countries is a byproduct of the inapt diplomacy India have had with

Plato disagreed with an opinion onAug, 01 2016

Germany is reacting to the attacks with calm

By continuing to pursue the politically correct line that all immigrants are equally beneficial, which is a studious and politically-correct lie of the worst and obvious

Plato agreed with an opinion onAug, 01 2016

Modi is failing to keep up the promises made. No doubt he is working hard, then what is really going wrong?

Payal had posted

Yes it is indeed very true that Mr. Modi has restored the faith of youth in the country. They now can discern a better future which was not the case during last governmen

Plato disagreed with an opinion onAug, 01 2016

"Never been optimistic about India. But today, I’m more pessimistic" said Amartya Sen yesterday. It is because we have now even stopped accepting that there is a problem.

Rohit pande had posted

Coud not agree more, the more we sell illusion, the more tougher we make it for future leaders to cover the gap between reality and illusion. It is not that other countri

Plato disagreed with an opinion onAug, 01 2016

Economists Don’t Tend to Forecast Recessions

Pranay had posted

When Brazil was growing 7.5% a year on the coattails of the PRC, it appeared as though Brazil was rising. However, beyond certain recession indicators there was tell tale

Plato agreed with an opinion onAug, 01 2016

Is Oyo creating a safe space for unmarried couples to take rooms ?

Vikram Sethi had posted

I had the worst experience with OYO, A confirmed booking was rejected upon arrival by the hotel staff, was sent to another OYO hotel, no booking there either, no intimati

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