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Kanika disagreed with a discussionNov, 28 2016

"Govt launches campaign for workers without bank accounts" Do you too see another way to get black money in the system?

What this government is failing to do is think futuristic, yes demonetisation is a positive step, but how does it control the creation of black money in the future. As a matter of fact this campaign for people without bank accounts will restart black money origination again
Kanika posted an opinion to a discussionNov, 28 2016

Manmohan has lost all his economist credibility post his speech against demonetisation

Sorry if this comes across as rude, but this post makes very little sense. Nothing about that graph gives us any data to comment on whether Manmohan Singh is a good economist or not.
A person you follow posted a new opinion on Nov, 28 2016

How many people here believe that India needs a dictator to solve it's problems

Vikram Gupta had posted

I might get a lot of flak for this, but I believe we do. Enough of the compromises and midway approaches.

Kanika IITian

Kanika posted an opinion to a discussionNov, 24 2016

AMA with Alok Mittal

Have you ever invested in any overseas company? If yes, how has the experience been? If no, why not?
Kanika agreed with an opinion onNov, 12 2016

Impact of demonetization on startup investments- Ask Sanjay Mehta

Naveen tripathi had posted

Angel investments for the startups have always happened with legal money but the traditional business always had an added advantage due to lobbying and black money in cir

Kanika agreed with an opinion onNov, 01 2016

When it comes to quality discussions, Twitter is dead.

S. Venkatesh had posted

So you're saying that "when it comes to quality discussions" Twitter was never alive?

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