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Nain agreed with an opinion onApr, 21 2016

Why is there a battle within the Indian Armed Forces for promotions?

Sarabjit Taneja had posted

All the promotions are based on an officers ACR. It surely is a quantified tool however it is open to aberrations like inflation in reporting for the sake of keeping a ha

Nain agreed with an opinion onApr, 20 2016

The North-East: Massive Economic Potential, But How Can It Be Fulfilled?

Sukhwinder Singh had posted

The government has started taking actions there. They have declared the Seven States as Special Category States which entitles them to get 90 per cent of Central Assistan

A person you follow posted a new opinion on Apr, 20 2016

With the National Courts of Appeal (proposed branches of the SC) in four different zones of India, will Indian get an easy access to justice?

Karun Gupta had posted

I would like to highlight why having a NCA is a good idea. Now, establishing the NCA is a step in the right direction for numerous reasons- 1. The SC will maintain its pl

The main reason for high incidences of appeals is the non-acceptance of verdicts by the parties involved in the cases. The courts must sensitize the parties in the reasoning behind a verdict and what it means in the eyes of law. Maybe that will help reduce appeals itself.

Nain agreed with an opinion onApr, 13 2016

We should be ashamed at the kind of living standard low income groups have in India. But what is the solution, state focussing on providing basic requirements or facilitating job creations.

Govt has to no matter what has to take charge of the basic necessities, its such a sad reality that we have become immune to the pathetic standards of life in India, the

Nain agreed with an opinion onApr, 07 2016

What happened in NIT Srinagar is an isolated situation or it shows the overwhelming real situation in Kashmir?

Zoya Khan had posted

This is definitely not an isolated incident As an alumnus from NIT Srinagar and knowing a lot of students who are facing this crisis, I would like to tell you that this

Nain agreed with an opinion onApr, 03 2016

Our grey, grim future

Rohit pande had posted

The urban sprawls are growing haph-hazardly. Quality of life indicators dip not just due to air pollution but also due to noise pollution, traffic and lack of open public

Nain agreed with an opinion onMar, 18 2016

Why hasn’t India been able to built many international products

Rohit pande had posted

Tough to get one's finger on whats missing. Hardly anything has come out which can be described as a global product 1. Capital ? Not really, if one thinks of the quantum

Nain agreed with an opinion onMar, 18 2016

Should children be allowed to select their subject of Interests or are they too young/immature to take this decision?

Alka Singh had posted

When we say giving space to a child for his passion it actually means the child decides what he/she wants to study and age is no bar to it. When we talk about olympics on

Nain agreed with an opinion onMar, 17 2016

Why Are So Many Humanities Students Activists?

Aditya Singh had posted

Students especially college going students are activists by nature, Aaron swartz, Mark Zuckeburg, Steve jobs, Bill Gates have been tech activists challenging the status q

Nain agreed with an opinion onMar, 17 2016

E-wallets are beginning to worry banks. Are we ready to replace traditional wallets with digital ones?

Sudhanshu had posted

Big banks are scared of digital currency. They can't figure out why anyone would back such a move to 1's and 0's representing money. After all, paper money has been aroun

Nain agreed with an opinion onMar, 10 2016

Is feminism a misused term or the need of the hour?

I see feminism as a misused term. Why do we talk about women empowerment, equality etc. Why do we need movements to get them what is already theirs - the freedom, indepe

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