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Manoj Nath

17, Entrepreneur, Hacker, Witty, Geek, Night owl, Technology enthusiast and a Quora addict. Love coffee, breaking things on Internet and startups!

Disciple [?]

Manoj Nath agreed with an opinion onMay, 31 2016

Will e-commerce companies (n)ever make money?

Ashat had posted

A business model is complete only when the company posts cash profit and becomes self-sustaining. Flipkart and other e-commerce companies are surviving on private equity

Manoj Nath agreed with an opinion onMay, 31 2016

E-commerce firms fail to meet their grand goals. Is the funding/valuation slowdown not a market slowdown but result of poor performance or over promises by startups?

Rajshekhar had posted

As peter theil calls it, internet revolution is like industrial revolution. It will take time for everyone to understand what is the real value. But one thing is clear to

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