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A person you follow posted a new opinion on Nov, 24 2016

AMA with Alok Mittal

Alok Mittal had posted

I must add though that like any other headline initiative, the incentives that have been announced need to reach those startups. Otherwise there will be risk of dissonanc

S. Venkatesh Student at IIT-D

Very true. On a personal level, have you felt a tangible positive influence?

A person you follow posted a new opinion on Nov, 22 2016

Where exactly is the black money created through years of malgovernance

Vivek Sharma had posted

It's a very interesting survey. My guess will be 1 and 2

S. Venkatesh Student at IIT-D

Really? The bulk of the black money, to the tune of lakhs of crores would be stowed in people's houses?

A person you follow posted a new opinion on Nov, 17 2016

Role of Facebook and Twitter in shaping the elections

Harish Narang had posted

Rather the role of Mr. Modi is changing the elections.

S. Venkatesh Student at IIT-D

I believe he was talking about elections in general, not specific to India.

S. Venkatesh agreed with an opinion onNov, 17 2016

Has opposition trivialised the issue by focussing on inconvenience?

Vikram Gupta had posted

Oh maybe I misinterpreted what you meant. Care to elaborate on the seriousness of the issue over and above the inconvenience? To my untrained eye, it seems inconvenience

A person you follow posted a new opinion on Nov, 01 2016

When it comes to quality discussions, Twitter is dead.

Nikhil Dua had posted

Twitter is not dead. It was not made for discussions. They had a simple message that people can group message to their friends family and FANS. People are trying to use i

S. Venkatesh Student at IIT-D

So you're saying that "when it comes to quality discussions" Twitter was never alive?

A person you follow posted a new opinion on Oct, 29 2016

implementation of Communal Award

Nilesh Pathak had posted

Manohar Why do you want it to be implemented when even Gandhi ji opposed in the basis that it will divide India?

S. Venkatesh Student at IIT-D

Is Gandhi the eternal metric for what's right and wrong? No doubt he was a great man, but he made self-interest triggered blunders too. Letting Bhagat Singh get executed is an example.

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