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Rajeev Gutpa posted an opinion to a discussionNov, 24 2016

AMA with Alok Mittal

What is your view on the impact of demonetization on the investment trends in startups?
Rajeev Gutpa posted an opinion to a discussionNov, 24 2016

Which of the following is likely on the Demonetization decision of the RBI Board

It should ideally have been a combination of 2 and 4, particularly taking into account Modi's personality.
A person you follow posted a new opinion on Nov, 22 2016

Where exactly is the black money created through years of malgovernance

S. Venkatesh had posted

Really? The bulk of the black money, to the tune of lakhs of crores would be stowed in people's houses?

Rajeev Gutpa BITSian

Valid point.

Rajeev Gutpa agreed with a discussionNov, 17 2016

Just for fun

I know this is a platform for serious discussions, but this is just for fun

Rajeev Gutpa agreed with an opinion onNov, 12 2016

Impact of demonetization on startup investments- Ask Sanjay Mehta

Sanjay Mehta had posted

Folks it was fun chatting with you all. Signing off for now. Follow me on twitter @mehtasanjay

A person you follow posted a new opinion on Nov, 12 2016

The last 2 times the Republican party had total/major control were 1928 and 2001, and we got 2 depressions/ recessions. Whats next?

Thupten had posted

While I think this answer makes sense in a logical progression, it doesn't really describe why having all branches be Republican is the cause, in fact, you go from saying

Rajeev Gutpa BITSian

That's very well elaborated! Exactly my sentiments

Rajeev Gutpa posted an opinion to a discussionNov, 08 2016

People should not depend on governments for growth

You have written "understand that earning capacity of common person decreased in Capitalism." Can you elaborate on that in a general sense? Also, if not capitalism, what system would you recommend?

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