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diksha disagreed with an opinion onAug, 08 2016

The Olympics Cost Cities Dearly And Rio Is No Exception

Sanjay had posted

The Games will no doubt end up in Qatar or Azerbaijan etc when the IOC run out of usual contenders who actually want to host it. Look at whats happening in money-hungry

diksha agreed with an opinion onAug, 08 2016

It is high time we start thinking on how to make HAL more lean and divide it into different govt. entities

Vikram Sethi had posted

I have seen the ridiculous state of private research in India. A friend of mine is a PhD in genetics, but is not able to get any good job in India. The only options he ha

diksha disagreed with an opinion onAug, 08 2016

Either you are implementation failure or you are just a talker with no serious intentions.

Rohit pande had posted

Isn't it enough that he spoke against a core constituency which builds the Hinutva bandwagon, do we need to really take this as far as action ?

diksha agreed with an opinion onAug, 08 2016

Year on Year the Earth overshoot day is coming in August and its a matter of shame!

Manav garg had posted

The outcome of this is going to be an epoch of resource wars and a large cull in human numbers. To a certain extent, this is already happening in Central Africa and in th

diksha disagreed with an opinion onAug, 08 2016

China is proud of conversing in its mother tongue whereas we feel uneducated while conversing in Hindi. However can we compare ourselves to China?

Vaibhav had posted

English in todays global integrated world plays a very important role and India as the Back office of the world the importance of English is unspeakable. English has play

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