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Kabir Narang agreed with an opinion onNov, 17 2016

Has opposition trivialised the issue by focussing on inconvenience?

Piyush Swami had posted

Well, more than inconvenience, utility is the issue in this particular case. Elaborating on the point, every action that any government takes has and should have large ut

Kabir Narang disagreed with a discussionNov, 17 2016

Does it make sense to marry to withdraw 250,000 from the bank ?

Would people fix up marriages given the thirst for cash in the economy given the relaxation in withdrawal norms. Or at least print cards if thats proof enough.
Kabir Narang agreed with an opinion onNov, 12 2016

Impact of demonetization on startup investments- Ask Sanjay Mehta

Ashima Singh had posted

What is the best way to approach you for an investment opportunity? Are there any hidden dos and don'ts?

Kabir Narang posted an opinion to a discussionNov, 08 2016


That's a broad topic. What exactly are you talking about in the economy?
Kabir Narang posted an opinion to a discussionOct, 25 2016

AMA with Shubh Malhotra and Shivakumar Ganesan

Shivku How did the product designed to facilitate Roopit, become such a strong stand-alone company? What is the vision behind Exotel as of now?
Kabir Narang disagreed with an opinion onOct, 17 2016

Prof. Dinesh Singh- Redefining Education: Enabling India

Syed Raza had posted

For more than 25 minutes you glorifies our past. Agreed we had a great one.But we have a bad present. Very bad. Education system is bad. We are extremely un-innovative. I

Kabir Narang started a new discussionOct, 14 2016

25 million BC - 2016: The Great Barrier Reef is no more

Due to excessive environmental pollution, coupled with a lack of effort to save the reef, we have now lost one of the greatest natural habitats.


Kabir Narang agreed with an opinion onOct, 09 2016

Building a Tibetan Internet Army

a constitutional demand from nonconstitutional state (without any demand for structural changes) is flawed.

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