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Abhishek Nair agreed with an opinion onAug, 08 2016

Year on Year the Earth overshoot day is coming in August and its a matter of shame!

Sunaina had posted

We need to focus on local systems for agriculture, employment, community and move away from city commute and supermarket living. We must reintroduce concept of local comm

Abhishek Nair disagreed with an opinion onAug, 05 2016

Despite Bommai judgment the misuse of Article 356 is taking place, the Judiciary can and should stop its misuse

Mayank had posted

Until the Bommai judgement(1994), there was a rampant abuse of power of Union govt over state govt through the article 356 which stipulates Presidents rule. It was in thi

Abhishek Nair agreed with an opinion onAug, 04 2016

Bring on the next bubble! Bubbles have usually been more empowerment for more people

Alice had posted

Before 1999 and irrational exuberance how many ordinary consumers were aware of financial bubbles as a phenomenon? Now everyone knows about cyclical greed and fear, and i

Abhishek Nair agreed with an opinion onJul, 31 2016

Human trafficking is on a rise day on day and we know it!

Ashok Kapoor had posted

Human Trafficking has become a menace to the entire world and is being continued similar to trade in commodities with billions of dollars in exchange. The seriousness of

Abhishek Nair agreed with an opinion onJul, 31 2016

We need to be apprehensive about new laws for bar dancers

Inderjit had posted

The ethical issues surrounding this situation are the lack of rights given to the girls employed in such bars. They have a right to be employed with dignity, and faced wi

Abhishek Nair agreed with an opinion onJul, 31 2016

Is the increasingly fashionable approach of Attachment parenting the right way to raise a child

Ananyaa Sehgal had posted

I think it depends on the circumstances and values within the family. From a pragmatic perspective, I first came across a woman breastfeeding a 4 year old child when I wo

Abhishek Nair agreed with an opinion onJul, 31 2016

We need Liveable Cities first, not Smart Ones

Sukirti Singh had posted

Smartness should be in the mentality of people,this is the only way that can lead to smart nation or smart cities,.irrespective of smart cities, there should be smart env

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