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Malik agreed with an opinion onAug 25, 2016

How dangerous is a Pellet Gun? Less than civilian stones!

Anuja pathi had posted

It' is said that children are injured. What are children doing in these wild mobs during curfew. And what do these people want . Are they expecting for India to give away

S.N Raman agreed with an opinion onAug 25, 2016

What is happening at Arsenal?

Kabir Narang had posted

I don't think that's true. It boils down to the personality of the manager. Guardiola made Barca the greatest club team ever, on his own terms. He was given all the freed

S.N Raman agreed with an opinion onAug 25, 2016

Does Pakistan deserve the number 1 test team tag?

Abhishek Nair had posted

Regardless of the circumstances, there is a huge difference in beating the number 8 team away when most of their best players are playing CPL nearby and beating the numbe

A new opinion was posted in community AbstractIndiaAug 25, 2016

As opposed to unconventional cinema, mainstream commercial Bollywood is desensitizing the masses

Sunil Sharma had posted

Any media - unconventional or commercial, which deviates from reality or recommended reality desensitizes... And certainly, commercial Bollywood with all the antics devia

S.N Raman learning, hope to be more aware :) PhD schola

Dont you think that trajectory has changed in the past few years?

Suhani Singh disagreed with an opinion onAug 24, 2016

Pure sciences and liberal art have been pushed back in the tech-driven economy.

Rohit pande had posted

Indian society has strayed towards Science/ Maths as returns from that stream/ engineering were good till a decade back. there is counter trend now of bright student talk

Suhani Singh agreed with an opinion onAug 24, 2016

India is an agrarian economy and there has been no innovation in Agriculture

S.N Raman had posted

Umm innovation will be brought my innovators, Travis was no taxi driver, Jeff no shopkeeper.

S.N Raman disagreed with a discussionAug 24, 2016

Is this loss of 1534 cr for paytm just the amrit of market leadership and a paradigm of modern entrepreneurship ?

a very small price to dominate our consciousness and be our role model, our inspiration, and the goal of every entrepreneur.₹1534-crore-in-fy16-1471954663891